Limerock Orchards encourages people to Go Nuts

Gonzales family has grown walnuts for over 40 years

Limerock Orchards was born out of a Mexican land grant in the late 1700s, passed down through generations of the Gonzales family on the Central Coast beginning with their great-great-great-grandfather and now, more than 200 years later, his descendants, Richard and Deanne Gonzales and their two grown children have put Paso Robles on the map with their walnut products.
Deanne said that it all came together in 2009 and was, at the time, either a stroke of genius or they had gone nuts.
“Our family had owned the property and grown walnuts there for over 40 years and about 20 years ago my husband, our daughter and I thought why not get away from the wholesale and start making walnut products?” Deanne said. “We started by finding a mill and looking into the logistics of making a specialty food product. We are now certified organic and produce walnut oil, butter, chocolate-covered walnuts and offer recipes as well as pair with local foods and wines in our tasting room.”
Limerock Orchards is a small, family-owned walnut farm that harvests as a family every autumn. The entire property is dry-farmed and boasts walnuts that are robust, aromatic, and full of omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants. Deanne says the nutty flavor is her secret weapon in the kitchen.
“Our walnut oil is great for salad dressings, sautéing, baking and dipping,” she said. “For those that have never cooked with it before, we offer a recipe section on our webpage to help people get started. I really feel the applications are endless. We also produce walnut butter that is rich, savory and so much better than peanut butter. It is a real treat that is a great healthy snack. We tend to pair it with wines and bits to dip.”
The Limerock Orchards tasting room offers a unique setting with a boutique featuring all things walnut available for purchase as well as other local made artisan foods like vinegar and honey. The location is also shared with two wineries: Roxo Port Cellars and Brochelle Vineyards, who work with Limerock to host events and pairings.
The tasting room includes a large wraparound veranda with lush greenery, a pond, a garden and seating areas to lounge and enjoy the venue. Deanne and the team also offer tasting flights Friday through Monday or by appointment.
Limerock Orchards and its tasting room is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 6996 Peachy Canyon Rd. in Paso Robles.
For more information, call 238-6887, email or visit