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Opens in Tin City

The commercial district known as Tin City between Paso Robles and Templeton, just off Highway 101, is getting attention for more than just wine. Now visitors can add pasta to the mix following the opening of Etto Pastificio pasta factory.

Although there are still approximately 20 wineries, a brewery, cider house, distillery and creamery in the complex, business owners Brian and Stephanie (Stephy) Terrizzi hope to bring in shoppers looking for the best in artisanal local food as their pasta production facility expands into a retail outlet.

“What started as a crazy idea to make some pasta has morphed into much more,” they wrote in a message inviting the public to grand opening celebrations June 14-17. “We now have an Italian and local marketplace where we feature our favorite products from Italy and local products from over 20 local farms chefs and producers.”

Don’t let the divergence from wine fool you though, the Terrizzis are both winemakers after all and, said Brian Terrizzi, his interest in good quality pasta started with his Italian-American heritage and years spent learning the Italian winemaking styles.

“Wine is food,” he said, adding that well made, and properly portioned servings of both wine and pasta are staples of the Italian diet. “What people don’t realize is how much protein is in a normal portion [of pasta]. Mixed with fresh vegetables and other proteins, it can be a cornerstone of good health.”

Using a machine imported from an equipment manufacturer in northern Italy, where Terrizzi toured and learned from the locals, Etto has been producing pasta as wholesaler for many restaurants on the Central Coast. They’ve been using  “West Coast organic durum semolina flour” sourced from Central Milling Company in Petaluma.

Capable of producing about 300 pounds a day of most of the varieties one’s familiar with (spaghetti, zucca, rigatoni, radiatori, etc), they’ve also got meatballs made from grass-fed Templeton beef. Raviolis are in the works, but haven't hit the market just yet.

The public can visit the factory to purchase pasta direct as of now and other items on offer include almost any Italian cuisine product which would compliment pasta.

Olive oil and the Terrizzis’ own Italian style red wines being the most obvious pairings, others on the shortlist include: Templeton Hills Beef; Tablas Creek Lamb; salami from Alle-Pia; three different creameries, Stepladder, Farmgirl, and Central Coast; Paso Almonds; The Pistachio Factory; breads from Back Porch Bakery and GinaMarie Italian name a few.

Events around the grand opening weekend resembled more of a farmers market or cooking  demonstration than a factory floor, with local suppliers and proprietors offering up samples and talking with the public, but that won’t always be the case. Pasta maker Brielle Snyder notes that the process is very “hands-on” when the factory operation is in full swing, so anyone dropping by will see a lot more action, and moving pieces, than the prep work was engaged with Saturday.

A new restaurant is in the works for the space next door to the factory as well. Although the Terrizzis aren’t part of that company, diners will have a literal window into the manufacture process, already installed in the adjoining wall.

Etto is located at 3070 Limestone Way in Paso Robles. Wayfinding signs and landscaping will help visitors recognize the spot. The business is open from 12-6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and from 12-5 p.m. on Sunday.