Dream On: One family builds their dream life in north Paso Robles

San Marcos Vineyard features inn, farm, winery and more

It’s not often that an entire family shares the same dream. Owning an inn, ranch, museum, and vineyard has been a longtime dream for the Morelli family. Now, each member of the family is embarking on a new piece of that shared adventure thanks to their new venture, San Marcos Creek Inn. Located in North Paso Robles on the border of San Miguel, the 500-acre property features a cozy two-story inn with four intimate guest suites, a vineyard, miniature donkeys, chickens, goats, a pond, and fragrant lavender fields.
“My daughter has always wanted a farm and my son always wanted a vineyard with a hotel,” Kimberly Morelli said. “My daughter would always talk about how she would guard the pigs from my husband, who would joke that he’d use them for prosciutto. Every night we’d come to the dinner table with new stories about this dream we shared.”
Sparked by this combination of interests, Kimbery and her husband Roberto decided that they would sell their rental property in the Bay Area city of Piedmont and start looking for a place to start this new life. The family first searched in Napa and Sonoma, with little luck.
“There was always an issue with zoning, and we wanted an ag tour business,” Kimberly said. “A realtor told us about San Luis Obispo County. So we started going every weekend, looking for the best place. Now we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”
Five realtors and dozens of properties later, the family found the gorgeous piece of property they now call home today. Oak trees, vines, and animals dot the scenic landscape.
“We said, ‘Oh my gosh. We’re home,” Kimbery said of their first encounter with the land. In 2011, they purchased the property, which already housed an inn and vineyard. In 2015, they finally moved their lives to Paso Robles once and for all. Son Sergio and daughter Sabrina is are both attending Mission Prep and have adopted San Luis Obispo County as their new home.
Because of the family’s diverse intersection of dreams and desires, San Marcos Creek Vineyard offers so much more than your average hotel stay. Guests can try estate wines at the onsite tasting room, play bocce ball, and Kimberly is planning to offer yoga, fly fishing clinics at the San Marcos pond, movie nights, karaoke, art classes and more. She calls the property her “campus,” and a clutch of antique Italian scooters and cars make up the beginnings of a museum.
“We want people to feel like family while they’re here,” Kimberly said. “We always want to offer something exciting for our guests, and depending on what they’re into, we’ll bring in a fun activity. We offer so much more than wine here.”
The inn’s suites are each furnished with a fireplace, and Renaissance-era antiques, original ads from the 1920s, local art, vibrantly painted walls can be seen throughout. A 5,000-plus-square-foot house will soon also be on the market as a vacation rental. The ambiance at San Marcos is quaint and European yet also harkens back to Native American and early Californian eras.
“The artwork comes full circle from what was here first to what is here now,” Kimberly said. “We love San Miguel, Paso, and the history of this area. We really wanted to make our stay really different and interesting with a warm, family feel.”
It might appear that all of the Morelli family’s dreams have all come true, but there’s always something to look forward to.
“We don't have that little museum I dreamed about just yet,” Kimberly said. “But someday I know we will.”
For more information, go to sanmarcoscreek.com or call 866-PASO-WINE. San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Inn is locatd at 7750 North Highway 101 in Paso Robles.